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All photograghs are taken with high-end digital SLR cameras
"All photograghs are taken with high-end digital SLR cameras in order to ensure the highest quality photographs as possible..."


Dances and Dinners

What dance or dinner is complete without a memorable photo of the night’s events?

Our On-site photography is perfect for dances or dinner functions.

For dances, we will meet with the coordinator prior to the event in order to make arrangements for set-up, plus provide ordering envelopes that can be distributed in advance to the dance attendees.

We will also create customized backgrounds to match the dance’s theme, as well as, provide formal backgrounds that can be selected by attendees that wish to have a more traditional portrait taken at the dance.

We staff all of our on-site events to handle any type of traffic in as orderly and time efficient manner as possible.

Also, as a special incentive our photographer will take cameo shots throughout the night and provide them to the coordinator on a compact disc at no additional charge.

If the event has a coronation or special agenda, please let us know in advance, so that we make a special point to capture those event pictures.

All pictures from the dance will be ordered and delivered to the coordinator once they arrive. We will not be shipping individual picture orders from the dance to the attendees unless the orders are made on-line from our website.

The owners of the company, which will be attending the function, are employees of a school district and are already certified with a Federal and Ohio BCI check in case your organization requires this for your vendors.

Contact us for more information.

Example of a formal background

Example of a custom background made for a dance with a Movie Theme.


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